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There are many reasons to visit Oman. We found its stunning cultural cities are some of the many reasons why you should put the undiscovered Gem’s of the Gulf at the top of your bucket list. Ready to go? Start to plan your city tour with us and get to the heart of the most fascinating cities in the Middle East. Please get in touch with us for a free consultation today!





Oman’s capital city is a perfect mix of modern and historical, with the oldest mosque in the country, its traditional markets and forts standing behind new architectural buildings and shopping malls. Whether you are travelling solo or in a group explore Muscat, a very unique Arabian city in a strategic location.



Salahal, full of colours and with a subtropical climate, is the capital of the Dhofar Region and the second city in Oman. Are you dreaming of a paradise? This destination with its stunning beaches and plantations of papayas and bananas offers to the travellers a flavour of the East African Islands in the heart of the Middle East.




Nizwa, named as ‘Pearl of Islam’, is an historical travel destination and still a conservative place. Discover the Nizwa Fort, a good example of Omani ancient architecture, live a traditional market experience in the Nizwa Souq, and get a glimpse of some of the Hajar Mountains’ spectacular scenery. 



Facing the Gulf of Oman, Sohar is a port city and according to the legend was the native city of the Persian semifictional sailor Sinbad. Whether you are looking for an ancient sea port flourishing with a new industrial area, or a relaxing and sleepy city, explore Sohar.



Kashab is the capital of the Musandam peninsula, an exclave separated from the rest of Oman by the United Arab Emirates. A pretty little city which never sleeps - you will never be tired of Kashab. The old souq is a good place to purchase unusual souvenirs of the region such as the traditional walking sticks used by tribes. The area of the new souq with its banks, restaurants and coffee shops will delight the traveller with all the amenities that are expected in any modern city.



Sur is a maritime city with multiple attractions and activities to do. The visitor can’t miss out Bilad Sur Castle, Sunaysilah Castle and the magic corniche. With its strategic position, Sur is a convenient halfway stop to the desert, natural reserves and unspoiled villages.



Bahla is a magic city with multiple legends and myths - it is said home of genius living in the palm groves and stone houses in the city centre. Its fort was declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1987 - one of the oldest and the most remarkable example of fortress in the country.



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