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There’s no shortage of outdoor activities in Oman and no shortage of fantastic settings. The sea offers a full range of experiences, under and above.

Why not dive into the turquoise and green waters of the ocean for some scuba diving among corals and multicoloured fish? The 2000 km of stunning coast can be enjoyed thanks to diving courses and even night dives, while many corals are close enough to opt for snorkeling.

Once on the surface, windsurfing or kite surfing are also up for grabs as the country’s popularity as a hot spot for wind lovers is increasing. Inbetween, wildlife lovers have the unique opportunity of witnessing the spectacle of green turtles laying the eggs in the sands at Ras Al Jinz beach.

But it’s not just about the ocean. A refreshing plunge in the cool and coloured waters of a wadi pool is another unforgettable experience. It can’t get more Omani than floating in the water of one of the many canyons and natural oasis of the country, surrounded by palms and fruit trees, maybe followed by a pic nick.

And once you reached the wadis, hiking is often the best way to enjoy the country’s wild, ancestrial atmosphere, with the season running from September to May and the most recommended time between October and April. Despite the rough terrain, hiking remains the best way to enjoy the Sultanate’s wonderful mountainous nature. You can make different excursions of varying degrees of difficulty: from wandering around Muttrah, to walking over the groove edges of Al Shams mountain- Oman's highest mountain - to reach its peak.

There is a range of adventure sports and activities around the country. Activities include canyoning (the rough scramble up Snake Canyon is especially popular), caving, abseiling, rock-climbing or tackling one of the country’s three via ferratas (Wadi Nakhr, Snake Canyon and Bandar Khayran). Mountain-biking and kayaking are other possibilities.

And if you are tired… the hot springs of Ain Al Kasfa are known for their medical properties, with special bathing rooms for visitors.

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