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If you choose a coastal tour along the 2000 km of pristine water facing the Arabian Sea, the magic of Oman's identity will unfold before your eyes. You can stare at the horizon and spot a turtle, or dive into one of the richest diving waters on earth, while the uniquely shaped Omani boats are calmly moored in the harbour.

 Following the path of the mythological Sinbad the Sailor, who began his intrepid voyages from the rocky and sandy beaches of his country, you will enjoy a stunning landscape, yet off the beaten track of mass tourism.

 The options are varied and all equally intense: against the backdrop of mountains plunging into the sea, the fjords of Khasab host an amazing dolphin experience; in the white deserted beaches of Khalouf you’ll be joined by flamingos and eagles; rays, sea snakes and beautiful coral will surround you in Tiwi, before experiencing the calm and still lagoon feel of Bandar Jissah. 

These incredibly rich turquoise waters might surprise you with migrant whales and the five species of green turtle who lay their eggs here. It is not unusual to catch the moment when, between September and November, the eggs open at night and hordes of baby turtles run across the beach to their safety in the Ocean. Whale- shark season instead is from September through October.

This wonderful underwater world gives us the greatest diversity of marine species in the Arabian Sea. And it doesn't end here.

The Daymaniyat Islands are one of the most renowned diving spots in Oman and the world’s densest nesting ground for hawksbill sea turtles.

Al Fahal Island will amaze you with its limestone rock and reef sharks, Bandar Khayran marvels include seven diving sites and beautiful  white sandy bays. The tour can continue to Al Munnassir and Mirbat.

 And if you are passionate about sports, activities range from snorkelling, to sailing, parasailing, diving, from kayaking to jet skiing, water skiing and wakeboarding.

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