Sea And Dunes





Is travelling in Oman safe?

Yes it is. Oman is possibly the easiest travel destination in the Middle East, unscathed by the conflicts affecting other areas of the region such as Yemen. Long term peace and an illuminated sultan have made Oman a friendly country, with virtually no crime and therefore perfect for tourists.


What is the best time of the year to visit Oman?

Oman’s ‘winter’ runs from September to April and offers the best weather, with average temperatures ranging around 25°C during the day and 20°C at night. Make sure you reserve a room - contact us for your hotel reservation- in time though ,as this is also peak tourist season. 


Are swimsuits allowed in Oman?

Fully covered women on the beach are a common sight even in the capital Muscat, where it is therefore recommended to respect local costumes and wear long sleeves and skirts. But hotels and private beaches will allow you to wear swimsuits.


Is it allowed to take pictures?

Pictures are allowed but ask before taking a snap of people, especially women.


 Is it allowed to camp in Oman?

Camping is mostly free in Oman, whether on one of the many beautiful beaches or IN the mountains. Just make sure you are not camping on private land. Contact us for the best camping adventure!


What are the roads like in Oman?

There’s a good infrastructure and modern roads in most connections But there are also places that are only accessible by 4x4, especially to get to the ‘wadis’, Oman’s famous canyons.


What to eat in Oman?

Most of the restaurants especially outside Muscat are owned by Indians and Indian cuisine is a widespread feature of the Omani countryside. But more local cuisine such as camel meat is also easy to find.